How To Have A Different Madness To Your March


How is it already time for Spring, Spring Football, Basketball Play-Offs, and the NFL Draft?

If I was writing that two weeks ago, my stomach would have rose to my throat, and sleep would be a thing of the past.


As a traveling sports blogger, a coach’s wife, and entrepreneur sometimes I forget to “exist” and take time to “reflect”. We must remember that WE matter, and that it is ok to have YOU time in order to reflect and GROW.

Even when many are constantly asking, and/or worrying about the future we should be PRESENT. I encourage you to find whatever season you are in your life and enjoy it whole heartedly. YOU matter, and learning to REST does not mean giving up.


Where ever you are be ALL there. 


“You never know you need a break, until you take a break”

– Erica L. Barnett

Bryan and Barnett Podcast

Bryan Houston and Erica Barnett discuss vacations, injuries on vacation, the NCAA Tournament, the situation with the Cowboys and Tony Romo, and the upcoming NFL Draft.

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